Merkel, Greece and the Euro Crisis. A German Perspective?

The European Union is crumbling, a “German Perspective” on the current situation of protests in Greece is ought to be interesting. So, what do I know about all these German and European, if not global issues? 

I come from Bavaria, which is sometimes not even said to be a part of Germany. But still, I would consider myself a politically interested person.  For Instance, my Minor is all about the mass media and I am engaged in the Green Party. I try not to swallow everything I read in a cheap (if not free) Newspaper and be well-informed on what’s going on. Nevertheless, I could not possibly know everything about these global issues, all these words haunting newspaper headlines. The basic question is: should Greece spend money, or should they save money?

So, let’s start with my home base. Even since France’s Sarkozy is gone as a tower of strength, our first female Chancellor Mrs. Merkel doesn’t let off the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) working, meaning to save money.  She may be acting like this because she is mocked for being an opportunist occasionally. Proof for that may be that the strong woman, who fought for the energy turnaround, used to say things like: „It’s like baking a cake – here and there something can go wrong”[i] about nuclear power.But then, that was 14 years ago.

Let’s go further to Greece. What I could see in German TV were some sensational documentaries about corruption and workless people ravaging on the streets. Hidden cameras should show how everything there is going wrong. I found that worrying about German Journalism.  Just as worrying as I find pictures of Merkel dressed up as Nazi in Greek newspapers. Concluding neither country does too well regarding media coverage. No surprise that in a survey only 39 per cent[ii] of Germans think that Greece shall stay in the Eurozone.

To sum it up: media coverage, impressions, and personal situation will change each individual views. As for “my German perspective”: I solely know what I wrote in this very article. Because many people ask me that: I’d like to clarify that I cannot sense any negative energy, neither against Greece nor its population within my social contacts. But I believe everyone has his own ideas regardless background; as I am from Bavaria and don’t like beer.