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“When you collect everything, you understand nothing”

The problem is that nobody really cares. We think we have nothing to hide. But that is where we go wrong.

We have seen the dystopia in the circle; we have heard John Oliver talk about it and beautifully describe and analyze people’s ataraxia.

Why do people not react? Here’s a theory.

We are used to full transparency. Or at least what we think it may imply. We watch farmers fall in love and mentally not fully gifted people thrown together in fancy living rooms just to do in front of a camera what really, really does not belong there.

We know this world as a rather crazy one. And if those people can be broadcast and ridiculed, what is the risk in entering your data everywhere? A picture on facebook here, a ranty tweet about your last fast food experience there. And all these cute cats you emailed at work. Still better than any of the people you see exposing their darkest sides on TV.

How bad can it really be if they read all your mail, listen to your phone calls or see your private collection of, well, private videos? You do not care if the government can ask for anything, as it is only to protect you?

German Blogger Sascha Lobo pointed out that this unconditional obedience is basically defeat and says nothing but: I do what I am told to.

We are deafened by thinking we have “control” over the data we enter. That we can control what we upload, what is known about us.

But the problem is what we do not have control over.