We should Write.



Since I came back I haven’t said a lot on here.

But what would the world be without writing? Not half as good. Here are my top reasons for writing. And I’ll try to do it more often again.

  1. This will be what our children read


Nearly all of us have facebook accounts. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t Google what their parents did? And our children will do that. And I guess they will see all the party pictures, all the embarrassing evidence of your adolescent deeds. So why not write, just to make future people aware that you were able to reflect upon things. Regardless of what interests you and which thoughts you have on topics, let people know about it.

Plus, it might be interesting for your future self. I just recently looked through my very first diary and it was one of the most entertaining things ever. You don’t need your own TV show when you have your scripts on paper or online.


  1. This is a testimony of our time


Who wouldn’t like to have accurate descriptions of every time? I find history lessons frustrating, because I always feel that things are reported upon very one-sided. I think the most interesting sources are vivid reports of eye-witnesses (especially the crazy ones). You, as a witness of today and therefore have a responsibility on how our legends and memes are transported to the future. Isn’t that exciting? J


  1. It feels damn good


It’s cool to look at a beautiful page of words, it’s nice to get feedback and it’s wonderful if you see that you find it easier to find contexts, plays on words and how you yourself improve through writing.