I’ll keep my Oyster


So I’m sitting here in my room in London (if you count Leytonstone as such), nothing’s packed and I have tears in my eyes.

This day marks the end of a chapter in my life, a real good chapter with lots of favourite passages.

Not only does it end the chapter London actually, it marks the end of my ERASMUS period and the international life that I’ve been leading over the last 12 months.

I want to hereby thank all the people that made this experience so unique and inspiring to me, people that helped me and people that entertained me.

Thanks to Tobias, my brother, for letting me sleep on your floor. It was hopefully the most inconvenient way of living, having to hide from the mean Polish woman and not being able to use a kitchen – but it enabled me to start my life here and get on my own feet.

Cheers Mark, my brother from another mother. You are just great and you know it.

Thank you, Mel who let me sleep at her place when the Polish woman found out about me and I got kicked out.

And pineapply love to Stanley, who taught me a lot about British culture (Essex girl jokes).

A big shout also to my Zebrano’s people, I loved socializing with so many of you so superfast. And the free drinks were an extra bonus.

Goodbye, London. What I’ll miss the most in 7 Haikus

Friends of the Earth

Goodbye, FoE, my job,

I loved press office and helping

And always got tea.

Wandering around

Small alley and traffic lights

Always discovering more

Small café or thrift store

Camden Town

See you, Camden Town,

I love shopping and the food

Got no money left.

Tottenham Court Road

La’er, Tottenham Court Road,

Google house and Denmark Street.

A mixture of glee.

The river and bridges

Sky by day, bright night,

When walking over the Thames

My little heart is pleased.

The tube

We were not always

In the best of harmony

Tube I’ll even miss thee.

International people

From here, other town,

Weird country or continent

I hope we stay friends.

That’s it. The sky outside turned black. Thank you for everything, London. You taught me a lot.

And it won’t be long – I promise. I’ll keep my Oyster.

Hope you enjoyed, I’ll go and eat an unreasonable amount of chocolate now.


elections are a funny thing

So, finally I get to vote. Good thing it is not complicated – Germany have developed the habit of either not caring of voting what the Wahl-o-mat (you just click your views on issues and the internet will make a decision for you) tells them to vote.

I try to keep an overview from here, but it is not easy. But when I unpacked my postal election material, I was a bit shocked. A pile of what felt like 700 colourful papers fell out.

The reason for that is that I am voting for the general and federal election. Such a challenge right at the beginning? And, what also adds up to it are the 6 referendums that Bavarians are deciding about – our consitution will probably be changed.

All of this adds up to like 3 hours for me. I wouldn’t say I’m the most political person in the world, but I am a member of a party and read news every day. But what about the people who do not? I will take them even longer – wherefore I could understand being too lazy to vote.

Whatever, I’m grabbing my non-existent reading glasses and a pen now and will dig in then…

Elections are a funny thing.