Do you know that? You’re in a discussion and forget your main point? Maybe because you’re too angry, maybe because all you or your “enemy” are just using standardized arguments. I hate many of them, that’s why I made a little list over the last few weeks.

1. It’s always been like this / It’s a tradition

Okay, this one is not only stupid because we are supposed to learn from our past, not repeat mistakes – but also because it doesn’t say ANYTHING. My friends, I am pro change and pro globalisation. I won’t be annoyed if the meanings of words change or new trends come up – because that’s how life works. When people say “It used to be better in former times” – especially in my age – I just want to shout and laugh at them. Because what do we know about tradition and history? We will  never know if people didn’t always have this sentiment for the past – and if they liked their lives better. I am happy to live in the here and now, so stop bringing up “tradition” as a point against modern pheonomena.

2. I have a friend…

If you want to make a point about something that counts for all of society, why do you think that ONE PERSON can represent that? Of course, it helps you to build your opinion – but no way to use it as an argument when  I’m of an opposite opinion. That’s naive empirism, thinking you can conclude from a single individual to all of society. That is not how it works. And even if your story is tearing, chances are that it won’t change my sight a bit.

3.   You said that yourself (five years ago…)

I am twenty. I can change my point of view. I am a human being and learn every day. I am allowed to contradict myself. That’s what discussions are for – to make me think and change myself, even if sometimes I don’t want to admit that while having the argument. I cannot know everything from scratch, please teach me in conversation. If you stayed calm and made your point, and I’d do the same, we would develop some kind of common sense – and thereby make a lot of people change in their thinking.

4. Everyone says that (In the room, or there is a political majority, or anything)

Look at people who are considered heroes. Have any of them done what the majority did? Going with the flow is an opportunity if you don’t want to cope with an issue, but when we’re discussing majorities won’t convince me – I mean, I also don’t have my opinion to be special or anything. Because I have my opinion for another reason than wanting to agree (or disagree) with people – hopefully arguments and facts ON THE ISSUE have helped me form my view.