“Feminist Jokes”

“Why are jokes about blondes so short?” – So men can remember them

Jokes like these are used by quite a few women show that humor can work the other way round. Their claim is that feminism has made it possible for women to joke about men. Of course, I welcome that. Women having a new kind of self-confidence; being more present in the business world; opening their mouths when they have ideas and standing up for themselves; not being opressed by men anymore. It is great to see that humor can take place around feminism, but despite all the facts there are still people critizising the ideas of feminism. Why does a confidence about men not make us all equal?

Problem 1: Men feel threatened

Actually, this goes against the point I want to make about generalisation. But still, men do not like to have women laugh with them about discriminating jokes. And many can not carry the burden of being made fun of by a woman. There are tensions that a re yet to be relieved.

Of course, it is not the feminist job to take care of sensitive chauvinists. But we have the problem that exactly these people keep discrimination up – and they are the first ones to stop listening to valuable ideas.

And of course, we steal their precious comic book poses!!!!111

Problem 2: A new dominating group?

There are several men saying that feminism has already gone too far. That men have to go to prison longer, that men get custody over children harder, that men are being opressed.

Arguing with that against feminism does not make any sense to me. The numbers still stand against women, concerning payment, crime victim rate and leading positions. It will take time to intrude into male networks.

Of course, there are  problems for men. But that is not an argument against feminism – it rather suggests tackling these problems with a male kind of empowerment. I suggest supporting the good points of feminism and tackling the unfair sides for men –  those are two completely different things after all.

Problem 3:  The strive for revenge

Because: why is it given that there has to be a winning side? WE ARE ALL EQUAL has been said so many times, yet many women mistake their empowerment and advantages as a redemption for all the years of opression. But shouldn’t emancipated women stand above it all?

Joking about men doesn’t bring equality. It just makes generalisations about men happen – from the female side. There are just as many different men as women, many of them want equality even though it can cause them harm. So why do women attack them constantly?

The mentality of humans may derive from their fear of losing to one another, we always have to find someone we can make responsible for problems. Women these days can be a bigger threat to equality than ever before.


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